Sjaak Kolvenbach is the founder and owner of Sjaak Kolvenbach Organization Development, Coaching & Training and the co-founder of Always a Choice.

sjaak-2Sjaak began his career in the family bakery business.  After a couple of years he took over the business and through his experiences there he learned on a practical level what it takes to motivate, inspire and lead a productive workforce. From there he held a succession of increasingly responsible positions, leading and managing the workforce in a number of food-related businesses. In 1999 he left the food industry and put his business skills into practice in a consultancy company Schoonderwoerd & Partners specializing in Leadership and Personal Development.

Sjaak has more than 25 years of experience working with a wide variety of organizations and people. He has worked in large and small organizations, public and private, profit and non-profit. He understands human behavior and has worked with diverse groups of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

In 2004, he founded Sjaak Kolvenbach Organization Development, Coaching & Training. In 2006 Sjaak partnered with Ludo Hof and started Always a Choice, the official partner and provider of The Human Element®, Radical Collaboration® and Implicit Career Search® in the Benelux and Germany. In addition to providing corporate trainings and coaching Sjaak is also licensed to conduct the international Train-the-Trainer certification programs for all three of these workshops. In addition, Sjaak co-translated the workshops and training materials from English to Dutch for the all three programs and he is also co-translator of the book Radical Collaboration® into Dutch.

Sjaak is dedicated to developing organizations and people. He specializes in change management and management development programs and he is most stimulated by challenging change processes that involve organizational culture changes that impact the whole organization. Sjaak understands that change leads to disruption and often triggers rigidity and resistance in people. Sjaak is knowledgeable about the origin of this resistance and values it as opportunity to explore individual, team and organizational potential. Sjaak knows that in order to achieve real, sustainable change, the potentials and competences of all involved persons are needed, from the very lowest level to the highest. Additional areas of interest and specialization include: collaborative skills and conflict resolution, team development, guiding the human side during mergers, facilitating to specify vision and mission, and coaching.

Sjaak has a no-nonsense approach and is an authentic and skillful group facilitator. He is known for his ability to guide and inspire others with a combination of his competence, deep caring and a great sense of humor. His practical business background combined with his experience as a trainer and coach have a positive impact on the individuals and groups with whom he works. He creates a safe and open environment that builds trust and collaboration thus accelerating the transformation process and inspiring action.

Past clients describe Sjaak as:
Aware; Dynamic; Authentic; Enthusiastic; Responsible

Clients Include:


  • The Human Element®
  • The FIRO-B®
  • Radical Collaboration®
  • Implicit Career Search®
  • The Wilfred Jarvis Institute, Four Quadrant Leadership
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
  • MTRi® Myers-Briggs Team Role indicator
  • The Natural Step level 1 “Sustainability for Leaders”
  • Management issues, Model-learning in practice