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What can I do for you?


What can I do for you?

My trainings are customized. I always begin with an inventory. What’s going on inside an organization? What forces and elements play a decisive role? This way I really get a gauge of the playing field, a team or an organization. Then we decide what our objectives will be. I’m happy to work with you on one of my specializations: personal leadership, coaching and strategic way of thinking and working.


If you’re a manager, a leader of a team or the CEO of a company, what does that really mean to you? What is your role, what are your goals and what is your contribution to the team? And to your shared successes? With these insights I create my leaderships trainings, because I believe in vulnerable, honest leaders. If you have the guts to show that to your team, then you also have the courage to be direct and to confront people, without pushing them away. That’s also why we work together on your fears and insecurities. Do you have the courage to be open about what you really think and feel? Simply discover it yourself.

And if you want to focus on skills, like relational management or stress-reduction, I’ll connect you with one of my highly skilled partners. We have a shared history in the subject matter and work from the same source.


Do you need coaching in working environments? I work with both individuals and teams. I always start with the same question: what keeps you from being yourself and acting freely? From there we start developing and moving. As a result people start working together more smoothly and productivity rises.

I make sure these fresh dynamics are well preserved inside people’s minds and inside the organization. My main objective is to get rid of old, ineffective patterns and replace them with new more effective ones. These patterns are usually submerged in teams and habitual ways of working. Bringing them into awareness is the key to changing them and creating more profitable and productive behaviors.

Strategic guidance

Change management has become a real buzzword these last years. And people often forget, when they get hyped-up, that change itself isn’t the goal. The actual goal is something we determine together. Maybe it’s the company culture that needs work. Or maybe you have a merger at hand and need to blend in two completely different companies.

I always look at the long term and make sure the strategy is carried from top to bottom. I coach management on a direct and personal level. And I like to add to the company strategy, so we have a clear vision on the future of the company.

“From a solid theoretical background and practical experience, Sjaak knows how to quickly optimize cooperation between people, while the individual also comes out of the process stronger.”

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