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The way I work

A practical approach


When we work together

I’m a really practical guy. I make sure we have a simple and clear way of working. I come up with a transparent plan, create simple structures for managing it, and I develop highly interactive trainings that appeal to busy, adult learners. For instance, I use many examples from everyday practice that people can connect with. And I always look for the dominant factor contributing to a challenge.

A simple plan

What is the problem, where does it hurt and where do we go? Together we decide on these key elements and create a shared vision.

I determine goals with every participant. I want to know what they want to get out of our training. This way I create greater support within teams and make the contents more tangible.

After these first conversations I present a clear and actionable approach, with a cost estimate. Then we determine our final plan. But that’s not a rigid plan. Simply a blueprint to guide our journey together. I maintain a flexible approach so that we can respond to changing circumstances, this is what creates long-term success.

Now we go to work! Our target is clear ahead of us, but there’s always room for adjustment and fine tuning. That’s why I check in regularly regarding progress, as I want to have a close connection with everyday practice and how the training is contributing to successfully achieving goals.

Peer Group Consulting
Participants have mutual tasks. They gather in small groups on a regular basis to discuss progress and possible difficulties. It is my intention that these gatherings continue after the training has ended.

I want to evaluate the training with everyone involved to ensure good closure.

My training is a success when the contents are well-preserved within your organization. This is the only route to long-term results. I will provide my advice on how to get there.

No two organizations are alike. That’s why every training is unique and customized specially for you and your current needs. Want to talk about the possibilities for your company? Give me a call!

“Confronting, illuminating, surprising and enriching. These words come to mind when talking about the training. The growth of our company is in part due to the insights and personal developments we received from Sjaak. A recommendation for every company!”

Carl Diepenbroek

CEO, Nic BeNeLux



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